How Women Can Wear Casual Preppy Outfits In The Winter For A Stylish Look

The preppy style was extremely popular in the 1980s and has continued to be seen as an integral part of modern fashion. We all know about the various preppy outfits that can be created in the summer, but little is known on how to create a preppy outfit in the winter months. There is a completely different angle when it comes to deciding what to wear in a casual preppy winter outfit.

In this article we will discuss some ways how you can wear a casual preppy outfit in the cold winter months and also we will share some tips to remember. Ok, let’s take a look.

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When we think of preppy, the first thing that comes to mind is that of a private school uniform, with wool being the preferred fabric used. This is true when it comes to the type of coat that should be worn with a preppy outfit. Your choice should be a long wool coat, preferably navy blue or light grey.  

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Preppy style has elements of basic pieces that tie in well to create an overall stylish look, that is not over the top. When it comes to sweater types, bold colours will work best. Consider colours such as light brown, navy blue, grey, and green for your sweater choice. The best type of sweater to wear are knit, cardigans, turtleneck, and cotton crew neck. 

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Wool pants are going to be your preferred choice of pants when you create a preppy outfit. The basis for this is that your knit sweaters and collared shirts are a perfect match for wool pants. Wear colours such as grey, navy blue, and black in the winter months. Also, tuck your shirt inside your pants for a more retro preppy look.

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There is only one shirt you should be concerned about when it comes to preppy fashion, and that is the collared button down shirt. Preferably white, you can wear this shirt many ways, from alone to being layered underneath a sweater. Other button-down shirt colours to consider are light blue and beige.

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Because of the cold winter weather, your footwear will be limited to mainly boots. The most popular type of footwear to wear with preppy fashion in the winter is black leather ankle boots. You want to wear a style that features a short heel, which will enhance your overall outfit.

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A popular preppy accessory is actually a plain cotton sweater. What? Yes, this is true, as the sweater is tied over their shoulders to create a scarf. If you are wearing a dark colour shirt, then the sweater scarf will be a light colour such as beige. Jewellery is typical minimal, with just small earrings being worn. Keep your handbag small for all preppy outfits.

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  • Add a blazer to your preppy outfit for more dimension
  • Kaki pants can go well with any top
  • Keep your hair style down when dressing preppy
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