How Women Can Wear Mom Jeans In The Winter With Minimal Effort And Look Stylish

What exactly are mom jeans? You can call these jeans the second most comfortable style after the slightly more relaxed boyfriend jeans. Featuring a high waist and long zipper, mom jeans will make you look taller while offering a stylish asset to your outfit. When it comes to wearing mom jeans in the winter moths, some fashion fundamentals need to be followed, with an emphasis on wearing key pieces.

In this article we will discuss some winter outfits that can be effortlessly created with mom jeans, and also we will list some tips to remember. Ok, let’s take a look.

Denim Mom Jeans H&M

Back Top

When it comes to denim jeans, there is no other colour that is more complimenting than the colour black. This should be great news for lovers of the turtleneck and other black sweaters. A great mom jean winter outfit to wear with the colour black should include black leather boots, any type of black sweater, and the addition of a wool coat as outerwear.

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Your accessories while wearing a black top should be light in colour and medium size.


Choosing ankle boots is amongst the best choice you can have while wearing mom jeans. Just the fact that your boots will be fully exposed in your outfit is something to be happy about, because you will immediately look taller. Wear a light colour top while wearing and type of dark colour ankle boots. Beige and while tops should be your go to.

Suede Ankle Boots H&M

Black Mom Jeans

Since the winter months is usually the coldest time of the year, we always tend to gravitate towards the colour black. That is why it is an obvious choice to wear black mom jeans as part of a casual winter outfit. Take out your favourite handbag, because you will have plenty of room for creativity on this one. Wear your outfit with a beige cashmere sweater, with a stylish wool coat as your outerwear. 

Black Mom Jeans H&M

The reason for creativity with your handbag selection is because you do not want this to be an all black outfit. A light colour handbag will also add some contrast and be a statement piece from the rest of your outfit. Wear a light colour ankle boots as footwear.


  • Wear a belt when you decide to tuck in your shirt
  • Denim is the most common type of mom jeans
  • Footwear such as pumps are great to wear for a chic look
Denim Mom Jeans H&M

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