How Women Can Wear Their Shirt Tucked In For A More Stylish Summer Outfit

We all know how hot the temperatures can get in the summer season and how this can affect your outfit choices. This can mean that instead of wearing your favourite blouse paired with skinny denim jeans can switch to an outfit that consists of just a plain t-shirt and denim shorts. Now, there is nothing wrong with this outfit, but in terms of style, you can do better. This is when tucking in your shirt can be extremely beneficial and should actually be embraced more often.

In this article we will be discussing the best ways how women can wear their shirt tucked in for a more stylish outfit. Also, we will share some tips that can help you avoid the most common mistakes when tucking in your shirt. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Best Types Of Shirts To Tuck In


While you can absolutely wear a blouse perfectly fine untucked and look good, there is a valid argument for tucking it in. For one, you can wear a tucked in light colour blouse paired with dark jeans for a chic summer outfit.  One tip to remember is that you should only tuck in a slim fit or v-neck blouse. Any other style will not go well.

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So there is some debate about even tucking in a t-shirt, especially when wearing denim shorts or jeans. But we will say that women should tuck it in. It is best to wear a slim fit t-shirt for this and slightly looser fit jeans such as mom jeans.

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Collar Shirt

While most collared shirts are made to be tucked in, there are still some that look great untucked and actually would not look good tucked in. Ok, so now that we know this what should we do? Easy, just make sure that your shirt is fitted and you should be fine to tuck it into any pants you want. Suit pants and line pants are good options to choose.

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Tucked In Variations

There are actually some different ways how women can wear a tucked in shirt, with the most common being the full tuck. But did you know that there is a growing trend of women sporting the half tuck, which is essentially tucking in only the front of the shirt and leaving the back out. Another tucked in style you can try when wearing a button down shirt is to only tuck in one side of the shirt and leave the rest out. This is a good look when paired with heels.

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With A Blazer

Because wearing a blazer paired with a tucked in shirt is so popular, we thought that you would want some more information regarding this style. For the summer months, your can easily wear a light colour blazer in the day time with denim jeans and leather loafers. For evening wear, opt to wear a navy blue or black blazer paired with a light bottom, which will look great with heels.

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