How Women Can Wear White Clothes With Black Footwear In The Winter Months And Look Stylish

Remember the time when it was unheard of wearing white after the start of September? Well, those informal rules do not apply to the savvy and creative people who are all about fashion, a rightfully so. There is a new trend that has been picking up steam in the fashion industry for a while now, and that is wearing white more prominently in cold weather outfits.

In this article we will talk about some different ways how women can wear white in their winter outfits specifically with black colour footwear. Let’s take a look.

Turtleneck Sweater

Many stylish winter outfits can be created with the addition of wearing a turtleneck sweater. For this particular outfit, we suggest to wear a white turtleneck with denim jeans. Your footwear should be black leather ankle bots while your accessories should be medium size.

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White Blazer

Work styles in the winter tend to prominently feature dark colours such as black, navy blue, and dark brown. Switch it up by featuring a white blazer. You can wear a green or beige blouse underneath for some more added colour. Footwear should be black pumps while your earrings should be small size.

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Black Running Shoes

Casual winter outfits rarely feature running shoes as footwear, with boots being the preferred choice. But when the snow is gone and the streets are slush free, wearing running shoes can be a great choice for casual winter wear. Style these shoes with black leggings and a cotton crew neck sweater. This is great for around the latter part of the winter season.

Nike Air Force 1

White Skirt

Yes, you can really wear a white skirt in the winter months..even if there is snow present. The trick with this outfit is to wear long black leather boots and a warm sweater. For more style, add a light colour scarf around your neck and keep your accessories small.

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Long Wool Coat

Wear a long white wool coat as part of your work outfit for for a winter evening out. Whether you choose to wear a stylish dark colour dress or pants and a blouse, your footwear should be either black leather ankle boots or long black boots.

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