How Women Can Wear Wide Leg Jeans In The Spring And Look Stylish

When it comes to spring wear, jeans feature prominently in just about every casual outfit. This is a good thing if you love to look stylish while dressing casual, because, hey, there is always a time to wear jeans. There is a steady shift towards ditching the skinny fit to embracing wide leg jeans instead. With its much wider bottom and flared out look, wide leg jeans have become one of the must have spring pieces that women need. 

In this article we will be discussing some of the best ways how to wear wide leg jeans in the spring season and also, we will share some useful style tips. Ok, let’s take a look.

Wide Leg Jeans H&M

High Waist Denim Wide Leg Jeans

A cool casual spring weekend outfit that can be created with high waist denim wide leg jeans can feature a simple black top paired with black running shoes. This outfit is particularly simple, but you can accessorize easily with wearing a gold necklace and medium size earrings. Keep your handbag medium size when wearing this outfit so that the attention stays on your jeans.

Wide Leg Jeans H&M

Black Wide Leg Jeans

You can easily wear black high waist jeans as part of a spring business casual outfit. With this outfit you will need to wear a fitted blazer, which should be light in colour. Opt to wear either a cream colour or light grey blazer layered over a plain white t-shirt. Your choice of footwear is important with this outfit because we want to keep it classy. That is why you should opt to wear black pumps.

Wide Leg Jeans H&M

Distressed Wide Leg Denim Jeans

For a more youthful spring look opt to wear a pair of distressed wide leg denim jeans. This can be an opportunity to experiment with different shirt that you normally would not wear with distressed jeans. For example, you can easily wear a white v-neck blouse or a black crop top. For a more conservative look, opt to wear an oversized button-down shirt. Your footwear can be a pair of white running shoes while your accessories should be medium size.

Wide Leg Jeans H&M

White Wide Leg Cropped Jeans

Wearing white pants can be difficult in the spring months especially around the beginning of the season. For this outfit, we recommend to wear a pair of white wide leg cropped jeans later on in the season closer to summer. Because white can go with pretty much any other colour, step outside of the box and wear a shirt that is not a part of your everyday favourites. A good example would be a purple blouse or maybe a red t-shirt. Whatever shirt you decide to choose make sure that it fits well and is versatile.

Wide Leg Jeans H&M


  • Wear a blazer with dark colour wide leg jeans
  • Running shoes or heels should be your choice footwear while wearing wide leg jeans
  • Keep your accessories small or medium size
Wide Leg Jeans H&M

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