How Women In Their 40s Can Wear A Stylish Casual Outfit Effortlessly In The Winter Months

There is not much debate about how women and men should dress in the winter months. Yes, we should wear warm clothing such as sweaters and jackets, but what about when it comes down to an effortless outfit. Their cannot really be something as easy as just wearing a shirt and jeans n the winter months, which is true for the warm summer months, but for winter…no.

Thought has to come into play when deciding what exactly should be worn, especially when in your 40s and your peers routinely judge first and ask questions later. This is why we have created this article, which will help women in their 40s realize that sometimes you do not need to overthink your clothing selection to come up with a stylish casual outfit. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Of course denim jeans will always be trendy and can go well with just about any casual top and footwear. Stay away from extra tight jeans and opt for jeans that are both stylish and comfortable. Gone are the days when being extremely uncomfortable was seen as doing “right” and looking good. Now, it is all about style and comfortability, which the designers are starting to embrace.

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By far the most popular and comfortable mom jeans should be your choice denim jeans to wear. Embraced by women in their 20s and 30s, mom jeans are stylish and can go well with a variety of sweaters n the winter months.


Ok, so because the winter months are the coldest time of the year, wearing a sweater will be you preferred choice. Keep in mind that your sweater should not be tight at all. Wear styles such as a turtleneck, oversized knit sweater, or a cardigan. Colours such as black, navy blue, and beige will go well with your mom jeans and ankle boots.

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In the winter, the best type of footwear will be boots. Yes, ankle boots, knee high boots, and combat boots are a valid options to choose from for your casual winter outfit. To be on the safe side, opt to mainly wear black leather ankle boots, which will go well with a variety of different casual winter outfits. A pair of all black running shoes is fine to wear also, but only bring them out if the ground is dry.

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It really depends on what you will be wearing with your casual winter outfit, which can be extremely casual to dressy casual. A tip to remember is that if you are going for a laid back casual look, top to wear a dark colour parka or something similar. Wear a wool coat when you have a more dressy outfit.

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Gone are the days of big jewellery and bright colours in the winter months. Wear medium to small size pieces with your casual winter outfit, as this will reflect well in your outfits and can showcase your clothing more. Hats, gloves, and scarfs should be stylish and modern. Keep your handbag medium size in your casual winter outfits.

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  • Wear a blazer with your casual winter outfits for a creative stylish look
  • Black ankle boots should be your preferred footwear in the winter
  • Don’t wear really tight clothing
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