I Want to Be Cool Too: How Ego And Power Can Be Detrimental To One’s Fashion Sense

When most of us look back at our school days, we remember all of the cool kids. With their brand new jackets, shirts, pants, and even shoes. Envy is the word that could describe how many of us felt. The fact was that many of these students were spoiled and needed to HAVE these designer clothes to stay popular.

It’s all about attention, ego, fame, and power. The same can be said about many adults and their fashion sense. Let’s call it fashion/mind theory. Thinking that we are missing out to our ever elusive claim to being popular, we methodically decode the traits of the same people we envy. Not so smart.

The coolest students

As we delve into the usually cynical and selfish mind of those supposed fashion geniuses, we begin to see many faults. In this article w will be talking about about how people use fashion for sometimes nefarious motives and also how you can better understand yourself when wearing certain clothes. Let’s take a look.

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All Of The Attention

Maybe wear a size small yellow leggings, with a crop top in 10℃. Even though their normal size is large…Yes this really happens. The constant need for attention hasn’t even began to exit, from the time of being the popular student at school to now years later making a fool of themselves. What is always amazing to see it that they curse at the same people that they are seeking attention from.

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Bigger Ego

Ok so having an ego is important to keep on pushing yourself to be better in life. But an inflated ego is dangerous, not only for them but to others as well. Walking down the street and you mention that their shoes look good.

Skinny Fit Twill Pants H&M

A simple inquiry about where they have purchased them from leads to a near public ridicule. Filled with an attitude of “Everyone is beneath me,” They curse and stare at you with a look of disgust. Basically saying to themselves; “How dare you talk to me.” All of this is done in silence of course.

University student walking around campus

Fame & Glory

Being famous while going to school is what every student from middle school to university ever wanted. They are the trend setter, with their every increasing trending wardrobe. Every student wants to emulate their style and charisma. This is still true when these same students enter the workplace. Always want to be looked at and treated as someone highly important. Even though their job title would say otherwise.

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More Power

Have you ever wondered how the student that was so well-liked and always had new clothes even graduate high school? Well, let me tell you a secret, they had ‘minions.’ These ‘minions’ were actually their fellow students, who admired their ultra-cool look. They would do just about anything to be like their idols, trying hard to be perceived as an equal.

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Years later after they graduate, they look back at these days and laugh..or even cringe. This is so funny once you graduate and look back. But it is true. We all know that the cool kid with the newest fashion is actually an idiot whose head is inflated with hot air.

Man walking on street

All they really care about is being the popular student. Entering the workplace you would think that this type of behaviour does not exist. But it does. And no, that popular student from school did not disappear, they just got older and can now be found in every workplace around the world.

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Always wanting people to do stuff for them because they think that adults are going to be in a popularity contest, like when they are still in school. We should hope not.


Letting others influence your fashion knowledge and look is not sustainable. We as humans are different in various ways. Why should we now follow that once “cool” student into their never ending popularity contest with themselves. Be an individual not a follower. Fashion was meant to be challenged and as always has been versatile for years.

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