Is Plaid Fashion Still A Thing? How Women Can Wear Plaid In The Spring Effortlessly

When you think of a plaid garment some notable items come to mind. Say, a lumberjack, maybe a Burberry scarf, or grunge fashion of the early 1990s. You would be mistaken if you thought that plaid was now removed from the fashion world, because of its obscurity lately. But plaid has always been here, just now more dressed up recently from designs showcased on major runways.

Women rarely wear plaid and usually this is in the form of a flannel shirt or an accessory such as a scarf. But that does not mean plaid can’t be more prevalent in your spring outfits. Ok, let’s see other ways how plaid can be incorporated into your style to give you a more versatile look.

Plaid Blazer

Consider wearing a light coloured plaid blazer this spring as part of your work outfit. This piece is a lot more interesting than your plain old black or navy blue blazer, which can get boring really quick. A solid light colour shirt should be worn underneath to maintain a streamlined look.

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Plaid Pants

Another look to try is the plaid pants. You can easily wear plaid pants as part of a work or casual weekend outfit. One thing to remember is that your footwear should be comfortable yet classy. So choose to wear a pair of loafers as your preferred choice.

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Plaid Skirt

The plaid skirt is often overlooked as only part of a high school uniform, but there are many more uses for this garment. Women can embrace this skirt by pairing the plaid skirt with a classy cotton dress shirt with a cardigan can appropriate shoes. The trick with this type of skirt is that you need to wear smaller accessories to keep your overall look composed yet classy.

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Plaid Shirt

A plaid button-down shirt can be a great addition to a casual look. You can pair this shirt with an acid wash denim jeans and a black or white running shoes. This style will definitely have many people intrigued, as creativity screams from your outfit.

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  • Pair dark colour shoes with a plaid skirt
  • Wear a light colour shirt under a plaid blazer
  • Paid pants should be worn with loafers of white running shoes
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A takeaway from plaid fashion is that layering should be embraced. Say for instance you want to wear a plaid vest. Instead of just wearing a plain long sleeve cotton shirt under, you can up your style by wearing a collared cotton shirt under a sweater. This is just one example of how plaid can be layered.

Please leave a comment and let us know how you wear your plaid garments.


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