Why Wearing Leopard Print Equals Chic Style And How Women Can Master It

Ok so we all know about the various prints on garments. From zebra print, to lion prints, to cheat prints. We have really seen them all. But the most famous of animal prints has to go to the leopard print. Many designers the world over have embraced this agile creature’s fur prints to create stunning dresses, blazers, and jackets.

But how exactly can we utilize animal prints in our wardrobe effectively. Falling out of favour in the late 1980s and 1990s due to animal protection activism, the prints have steadily made a come back into many women’s closets. 

Leopard Print Long Cut Blouse H&M

You have to remember on thing about wearing an animal printed garment, and that it is meant to be chic. Meaning you can not just casually wear an animal print shirt on your grocery shopping trip or to the corner store. I just wont work. This is meant to give your style a boost of chic, when a chic look is needed.

Leopard Print Skirt H&M

Wear With Denim Denim

To be safe and versatile , a leopard print is recommended. Not only can you wear bot light and darker colours with this print, you can also wear leopard print by itself. The brown and yellow hues are great for to add the final touch to your casual look with denim jeans, This would immediately give you look a chic vibe especially if your denim jeans were paired with let’s say a leopard print sweater or a leopard print short jacket.

Mom High Ankle Jeans H&M

Leopard Print Top

There are many different ways how you can wear a leopard print top, weather it be as part of a casual or more dressed up outfit. If you want to go with the more casual side, be sure to pair your leopard print shirt with denim jeans. While , for a more formal appearance, pair your leopard print blouse with trousers.

Leopard Print Blouse H&M

Leopard Print Dress

Do we really need to mention how good a leopard print dress really looks. It is just simply amazing! You can be sure that you will be getting many comments about your choice of attire. This is a timeless look that was made popular by celebrities in the 1930s. Also the leopard print dress can always be passed down to younger generations to add to their chic collection.

Leopard Print Crepe Dress H&M

Always remember that the animal print, more specifically leopard print wear, are timeless pieces. In the fashion world it is assumed that you should pass this garment down to a younger generation so they too can feel the chic look of such a garment.

Please make sure to leave a comment and let us know if you own any type of animal print garments.


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