3 Very Important Tips To Remember When Designing Your Own Clothes

Of course there are many other valuable tips to take into consideration when deciding to design and create your own clothes, but these three tips should never be overlooked. Correct measurements, quality fabric selection, and great thread should never be compromised when designing your own clothing.

When To Find The Best Deals On Summer Clothes In Stores And Online

Deals are what we all want in life, from clothing, to food, and even to buying a new car. Why wouldn’t we want to enjoy any type of discount on items provided to use. Usually these “deals” are more often referred to as “tricks” as the retailer marks up the price from the original weeks […]

How Location Can Play A Big Role In Determining How You Dress On Your First Date In The Summer

It’s almost time you and your date and getting increasingly nervous, texting each other to confirm the location, and deciding what to wear out. This is all a normal part of preparing to for your first date. But what exactly should be worn in not that easy to determine without taking into consideration the date […]

Some Of The Best Summer Outfit Combinations For Men Who Value Comfort And Style

Comfort and style are not words that are usually synonymous with each other because many people do not believe in that. In regards to fashion, having comfortable clothing  will usually mean that style will be compromised and vice versa when it comes to style. This shouldn’t be the case at all because you can definitely […]

What To Wear With White Jeans For The Best Summer Outfits

Undoubtedly white clothing has always been associated with the warm summer months, from white shirts to white pants. But should you even attempt to wear white jeans in the summer to anyplace other than a festival? Well the answer is a big yes! A summer wardrobe is not complete without the addition of a pair […]

The Top 5 Characteristics Of Quality Clothing

Clothing comes in many shapes and sizes, ranging from very small to very large. There are no two similar characteristics of different garments. Meaning, for example two plain white t-shirts bought from different brands. Although the t-shirts look quite similar, if they were inspected more in-depth you would begin to find some differences. Such as […]

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