Feeling or Looking Good What’s More Important To You?

The cynical people have already answered this question in their head without even thinking twice about it. The world over is always fed the line that it doesn’t matter what you really wear as long as you feel good inside. Now don’t start agreeing with that analogy just yet. We can break down what it […]

The Ultimate Winter Jacket: The Parka

Some say there’s no need to actually wear a suitable jacket in winter. Others say that you can virtually get away with wearing a raincoat and a hoodie underneath. Hahaha. The analogy being that the raincoat will definitely protect against the snow fall since it is waterproof and that the hoodie underneath will forsure keep […]

The Phases of Poncho Fashion

Originally designed to keep the wearer warm in the cooler months, this flowing piece of fabric has been embraced the world over. We all know about those artistic wool ponchos that originate in the Andes region of South America, with their bright colours and intricate patterns, but there was another less known use for the […]

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