Why Matching An Outfit Head To Toe Is Not As Bad As They Say

Why in the world would anyone do that, wear the completely same colour top to bottom? Well let’s see…Maybe they are going to an all white banquet event, or maybe a funeral with an all black outfit, or maybe it is just their favourite colour. Whatever the reason, there are some right and wrong ways […]

How Women Can Wear A White Button-Down Shirt In The Summer

Before the fashion industry began to get more creative and step out of the box, the white button-down shirt was purely regulated to be worn only in business and paired with a dress pants or a dark coloured skirt. That was before, now the creativity of many designers has catapulted the white button-down shirt into […]

A High School Graduation Fashion Guide For Students, Parents, And Teachers

Congratulations students! The time has finally come to get the heck out of that school where many have been for the last four years. Parents are equally ecstatic but very weary of what the future will hold for their sons and daughters. But anyways, enough of their future life plans, let’s talk about the most […]

How Women Can Wear A Power Suit To Challenge Workplace Dynamics

It was around the mid 1980s that the term “power suit” had been taken into the spotlight. Women were becoming more competitive in the workplace and wanted to show that their femininity and good looks were not all they had to offer. Wearing a power suit became a symbol of female resistance to the old […]

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