The Urban Male Skateboard Fashion Guide

What’s that, you want to start ridding your skateboard to work instead on taking the subway like regular folks? Ok! This has actually been quite common over the last five years, largely attributed to to streetwear influences of Supreme and Vans. These two companies founded their brand around the skateboarding culture.

Minimalist: Your Scandinavian Fashion Guide

When you think of Scandinavia, the first thing that you think of is either the home store Ikea or Swedish meatballs. But there is more from this region than that. The local fashion, with its emphasis on minimalist style has been exported to the runways to now being a common sight on the streets throughout […]

The Right And Wrong Way To Wear Army Fatigue Fashion

After the deadly world war two ended, many people around the world wanted nothing to do with the army. The distinctive pattern was looked upon with scorn, which for many was a reminder of the many atrocities committed in the war. Fast forward to the early 1990s, and army fatigues, more specifically the shirts and […]

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