Mediterranean Fashion: A Relaxed Smart-Casual Style

One trip to the any town on the Mediterranean Sea coast in Europe will reveal a style like no other. The ultra stylish local inhabitants often sped a good chunk of their money on clothes. You have to understand, apart from the beautiful beaches, great food, and relaxed lifestyle, fashion is also an integral part […]

The Best Of 1970s Fashion (Men/Women)

This decade can be characterized as “Never a dull moment.” From major political events to world wide growing economies, the 1970s was anything but boring. But forget about the history lesson, let’s talk about fashion. Coming out of the hippie decade of the 1960s, fashion trends were becoming to emphasize individuality over looking “proper.”

The Chore Coat: Every Man Needs One For Spring

What exactly is the chore coat? This coat is mainly made out of canvass or twill, which means that durability is expected with this jacket. Originally created in France for many types of manual labourers, the chore coat has recently gained importance in men’s fashion as a stylish and rugged spring jacket.

The Reemergence Of Old Sports Brands In Fashion

Remember those English Football games of the 1980s and 1990s? Those old sports brand’s logos on all of the premiership’s teams was an eye sore to many. This was at the height of brands such as kappa, Umbro, and Lotto Sport. The football world had only known those brans until Nike and Adidas started to […]

Your Outdoor Festival Fashion Guide (Spring/Sumer)

It’s about that time of the year, when music is blasting from loud speaker and weekly festivals are happening. Music festivals, art festivals, bar festivals, outdoor music concerts, and neighbourhood street festivals is what we are talking about. Many fashion forward people tend to forget their fashion knowledge and just throw on any outfit when […]

Who Said Flannel Shirts Are Only For Farmers

The classic farmer attire called flannel shirts have been making a steady comeback since the hight of popularity of the early 1990s. With its slightly raised cotton or wool fabric, it is no wonder why this shirt was considered everyday wear for a farmer. Adopted mainly by the grunge fashion trend, this shirt can now […]

Men’s Guide To Wearing Black Jeans

The cool yet versatile look of wearing black jeans is one of the many advantages of wearing this garment. Not only can you dress super casual while looking sophisticated, but you can also add a button down shirt for an immediate semi-formal look. Wearing black jeans can become some what of an obsession once you […]

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