The Top 3 Ways How To Wear A Black Ball Gown In The Fall Season

Who doesn’t love to dress up and wear a ball gown out to an event…well nobody that’s who. A ball gown is the one garment that rarely get seen outside of the closet except for a special event that requires one to be worn. But not all ball gowns are made the same, with some […]

Why Every Woman Should Wear The Colour Red At Least Once Per Month For The Sake Of Sanity

Red dresses, red shoes, red shirts, there is so much choice when it comes to wearing the colour red that it does not make sense to not wear red clothing. Many women believe that wearing red clothing should be reserved for when you want to make a fashion statement. A good example would be to […]

Taking The Pencil Skirt Out Of The Office And Into Your Sophisticated Outfit Wardrobe

The pencil skirt has been forever synonymous with the office and corporate culture inn general. This humble garment is a staple for many women in the corporate world, usually paired with a simple button down collar shirt and pumps for footwear. But there has now been a little bit of a revolution coming on the […]

Figuring Out If Wearing A Solid Colour Or Pattern Shirt Is The Correct Choice For A Fall Date Night Out

Ok so we all know how to behave on a date night out but do we really know how to dress for this particular night? Maybe not! It is hard enough figuring out if your two personalities will match and other little things such as location and time. But what about your all important outfit? 

The Top 5 Chic And Stylish Fall Outerwear Guide For Every Woman To Follow

Many people love the fall season for its beautiful scenery of nature, and the partly sunny partly overcast weather that gives off a soft light and a cool temperature of the surrounding air. Not only that, but people also love it for it’s comfortable and stylish fashion. Some even claim that fall fashion is the […]

The Top 3 Types Of Denim Mini Dresses To Wear With Stockings In Fall

Who doesn’t love to wear denim? Nobody, that’s who! We all tend to associate denim with pants and sometimes with a denim jacket. But what about a denim dress? This garment is very underrated in the fashion world and not much is information is out there to know how to properly style a denim dress. 

The Copenhagen Fall Style Guide For Woman And Men

Denmark has always had a special spot in the fashion world in regard to their ultra cool and modern look. The local fashion scene inCopenhagen is somewhat similar to those of other popular smaller size fashion hubs such as Leipzig and Stockholm, but has it own unique way of doing things. Local designers tend to […]

The Top 3 Summer Shoes For Men That Will Go With Any Casual Outfit

Summer is one of the best times of the year to take out that t-shirt or shorts that you’ve been saving throughout the previous year and rock stylish outfits. But what about your footwear? A lot of men tend to forget that just because the weather is hot doesn’t mean that only sandals or running […]

What Exactly Does It Mean To Dress For A Black Tie Event

Dressing for a black tie event can be as simple as putting on an elegant dress to being entirely confused about what to wear due to non communication with the host. You see, black tie attire is not set in stone, from one individual host to another this can mean different things. One host might […]

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