Your Green Guide: How Men Can Wear The Colour Green In Their Summer Outfits

Keep your fashion as close as possible to looking like the weather especially during the summer months. The bright colours and warm temperatures should be a big motivator in helping you choose your style for the day. Of course the colour green is synonymous with nature; But who said that men can not embrace this […]

The Best Shirts Men And Women Can Wear To A Summer BBQ

Summer is all about relaxing and enjoying the warm weather. Sometimes a walk in the park will be sufficient enough to experience the summer months, but undoubtedly there will be at least one bbq that you will attend. This is a good time to bring out a cool outfit to show other attendees that you […]

How Tucking Your Pants Into Your Socks Is More Than A Fashion Statement

This weird yet stylish trend doesn’t seem to fade away from the fashion scene. Yes, tucking your pants into your socks. One would think that this would ruin a well put together outfit, but no it does not. You see tucking pants into socks instantly gives a more streamline look, especially when wearing sweatpants.

How All White Running Shoes Are The Best Footwear For Summer

You can never really describe the look of an outfit that features all white running shoes as footwear. I doesn’t really matter what colours are being worn in the outfit, your all white shoes will definitely stand out, and that’s in a good way. The sheer versatility of wearing al white shoes in the summer […]

Stylish Fashion Trends Women Over 50 Can Wear All Year Long

Sometimes social media and popular culture forget about the over 50 years old segment of the population, especially when it comes to fashion. We tend to forget that they were actually the ones who where one of the early innovators of the modern fashion trends of today. So we decided to make a list of […]

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