Men’s Bar And Lounge Style Guide For The Spring Season

Most often, Saturday night is the best time to go out to a bar for a drink and some casual conversations. But what exactly should a man wear on this night? Dress pants? Or maybe running shoes? The possibilities are actually a little more diverse than that.

For starters, the type of bar will determine how you style your outfit. Neighbourhood bars tend to be fairly casual, laid back atmospheres, while at the complete opposite spectrum, there are upscale bars that tend to be in the business districts of large cities. An ideal after work location to celebrate the end of the week. Let’s take a look at some styles that men can wear to the bar.

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Super Casual

The super casual bar is the “get drunk and go home quick” type of place. Typically found near older neighbourhoods, you can call this an informal meeting place for the neighbourhood. The only exception with your style is that you should not look dressed up. Forget about showing up with a blazer or suit pants, instead a simple outfit consisting of a t-shirt and denim jeans is all you need. You can even enjoy a drink in heavy duty work boots as well! 

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Many men in their twenties end up at a casual bar more often than others types, which is common because of the lower priced drinks and ideal atmosphere where talking to strangers is like a sport. With the casual nature of this type of establishment comes the expectation that one should dress casual as well. Put on a solid colour running shoes and a good fitting pair of black jeans. A flannel shirt with a graphic t-shirt under will go well together,

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For a smart casual look, the shoes need to be changed into something more sleek. Loafers will go great with a dark coloured chinos. A solid colour button down shirt will pair great with the chinos and shoes.


Due to its hybrid nature, many men struggle to dress properly when heading to an upscale lounge. This is the perfect time to let your fashion knowledge shine and come out looking stylish. Typically, the atmosphere is relaxed with chill music playing in the background on low volume, so dancing will not be required.

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Wear loafers as your base footwear and keep your pants either denim jeans or black chinos. Bring with you a cardigan or a slim fit blazer incase the temperatures get cooler in the night.


  • A polo shirt can go a far way. Wear one if you are unsure of how to style your outfit
  • Always be comfortable in what you wear
  • The after office bar attire should be the exact same outfit as what you wore to the office. No need to change.
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Pease leave a comment and let us know your favourite bar look.


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