Men’s Must Have Top 5 Spring Essential Wardrobe Pieces

The style of the modern man is much more versatile than in the past, which leads us to set priorities for our clothes. With the variety of garments to choose from in this ultra marketing age, men need to make sure to grab the essential garments first before deciding to spend huge chunks of money to “keep up” in the fashion world.

The garments that are recommended in this article are the essential pieces every man should have in their closet. These pieces are arguably extremely versatile and can act as a go to in many choosing which style to wear. Let’s take a look.

Polo Shirt H&M

Denim Jeans

This garment should be one of the first pieces you should buy when deciding to update your wardrobe. Not only can you wear virtually any top with this pants but also denim jeans can be paired with many different types of shoes. Just be sure to pick a pair of denim jeans that are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Straight fit jeans are usually a great in the middle fit. 

Distressed Denim Jeans H&M

Palin White Collared Shirt

Think of it. You need to go to a casual event but you are unsure of what to wear. In comes the plain white collared shirt. This shirt is a life save in terms of the look you can achieve. One example would be to to pair your collared white shirt with straight denim jeans. Depending on the length of the shirt, you can either tuck it in or wear it out. Also you can wear this shirt unbuttoned in the warmer months. Just make sure to have an undershirt when unbuttoned.

Oxford Shirt H&M

Solid Colour Running Shoes

Be it all black or all white, this type of running shoe is extremely versatile. You can always dress casually or semi-casual with running shoes. The key to forming the type of look you want is in the shirt and pants selection. A casual look would be athletic attire such as track pants and shorts. A semi-casual look would be a nice pair of denim jeans paired with a good fitting shirt.

Air Force 1

Solid Colour Long Sleeve Shirt

You actually need this for the cooler times of the year. The crew neck sweater is much more versatile than a hoodie in many ways. Without a hoodie, you can look more than casual in some occasions, depending on your pants and shoes. Also the crew neck sweater is great for wearing under a jacket to keep you warm without messing with an attached hood.

Linen Long Sleeve Shirt H&M

Black Cotton Sport Socks

You can actually get away with wearing these socks in a lot of situations. Because they are black, you can wear them with boots, running shoes, and some loafers. The main advantage is that you do not need to worry about when you sit down and your pant leg rises, only to reveal your type of socks (white) that you know you shouldn’t have worn, but you had no other colour.

Nike Sports Socks

This is not an exhaustive list, but just some essential pieces to have in your closet which are really versatile and can keep your style in check. Please comment and let us know which essential garments you keep in your closet.


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