Minimalist: Your Scandinavian Fashion Guide For Women & Men

When you think of Scandinavia, the first thing that you think of is either the home store Ikea or Swedish meatballs. But there is more from this region than that. The local fashion, with its emphasis on minimalist style has been exported to the runways to now being a common sight on the streets throughout the world. So what exactly is Scandinavian style?

You can describe it as fundamentally minimalist with the emphasis being on quality fabrics. The colours are generally neutral, prints are not to be worn, and accessories if worn at all should be subtle as to not disrupt the minimalist look. Let’s take a look at some Scandinavian styles that you can incorporate into your wardrobe.


The basic garments are more important in Scandinavia than in other parts of the world. This means that your white t-shirts, black leggings, black pumps, and leather jacket should be an integral part of your style. That being said, with any minimalist style, a little goes a long way. Practicality and comfortability are important to Scandinavian women when it comes to style. 


Relaxed cropped jeans are a favourite of Scandinavian women in the spring and summer months. Black leggings are also popular year round as well due to their versatility with different types of outfits. A typical spring look would be to wear a plain t-shirt under a black blazer. You can also wear cropped denim jeans with black ankle boots. 

Wide Leg Cropped Jeans H&M

Summer is all about the skirt. A black skirt paired with flats of a solid colour running shoes is a typical look around Scandinavian streets in the summer. Women will usually wear a white t-shirt, minimal makeup, and stud earrings for an accessory.


This is the season to wear long coats. Because of the unpredictable fall weather around Scandinavia, many women will always wear a long coat over their outfit on a daily basis until around May. Solid colours are key, such as camel coats and black or dark green trench coats, also black jeans and leggings are favourited around these months. Usually a simple sweater is worn in addition to black leather ankle boots.

Camel Coat H&M

Unlike in other regions of the world, Scandinavian women will make sure that their head is kept warm in the cold weather. Puff ball winter beanie hats are popular which tend to be worn in grey or black. As for a warm coat, wearing a solid colour parka is a must, which is minimalist and warm.


Just as with women’s wear, an emphasis should be on keeping one’s style minimalist. Colours should be kept neutral and the clothes should it you body as contemporary as possible. Meaning nothing too tight or baggy. 


A plain button-down long sleeve shirt is usually accompanied by a black jeans. This is paired with black ankle boots. Another style is a denim jeans paired with a plain white t-shirt. Men tend to carry a messenger bag to keep their items in.

Skinny Black Jeans H&M


All black is the word for the Scandinavian men’s style in Fall and winter. Long black trench coats are seen in streetwear alongside denim jackets and of course black jeans. White cotton dress shirts are popular amongst the men as they are seen as extremely versatile and can be worn with about anything. For footwear, black leather boots rule. Also as a rule, black leather boots should be available to be worn throughout the year, that’s how much emphasis is placed on them. 


  • Coordination is not as important as staying minimalist
  • Keep your accessories small 
  • Wear high quality fabrics
  • Layering should be embraced
  • A black leather boots or shoes can go a long way
Chelsea Boots H&M

Please leave a comment to let us know how you wear the Scandinavian minimalist stye.


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