Money and Fashion: Buying With Your Heart and Not With Your Brain. A Woman’s Guide For Spring

Here we are, the work week has ended and now it is the weekend. The mall is around the corner from your workplace…Time to shop! But there is a problem, the mortgage and the fee for that upcoming dinner is due. What should you do? Or should we say what is the smartest option?

Bills can wait you say. You need to reward yourself after a stressful week at work. Should you really go to that dinner that was created for networking with peers in your field? These are all valid questions that some people take into consideration before they decide to purchase new clothes. Ultimately the final decision they make ends up leaving their finances struggling to keep up with the many expenses in life.

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Many believe that once we get older, there is no need to reinforce to ourselves the need to prioritize our decision making process for our best interest. Money is something we cannot avoid in life unless we are in a remote region of the world and living off the land. We all have to work in order to accumulate money to then spend on necessary expenses such as housing, food, and health care (some countries).

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This can drastically decrease our earnings 90%, leaving little room for luxuries. Instead of going out to the mall on the weekend to buy that expensive shirt you always wanted, it would be better to refrain until your savings build up more. Or you can opt to buy a similar shirt which is cheaper that the one that you want. But buying decisions need to be prioritized and made using your brain rather that your heart.

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Expensive Does Not Equal Quality

One of the biggest myths in fashion is that a high priced garment is of high quality. Marketers have really done a great job in this regard to fool many people in this concept. The reality is that there are many great deals to find if you look  in the right places. You just need to get your style off of the major brand names.

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How can someone advise others about style and fashion but all they wear is designed clothes? This is not what being fashion literate is about. It is about exploring new styles and concepts in fashion. Also being able to experiment with not so common pieces, to put together an outfit that is confident and stylish.

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