No-Brainer: A Guide To Wearing A Belt For Women In A Spring Outfit

Remember the good old times? The days when the belt was a staple amongst the broad spectrum of fashion. From the street punks to the Paris runways, this fashion accessory or should we say necessity, has always dominated both men’s and women’s fashion.

For women, the belt started to fall out of favour in the late1990s and early 2000s especially for denim. Popular were more relaxed style jeans and the low rise jeans. But did you know that the real style professionals amongst us have never even thought about ditching their belt? Let’s take a look to see why they haven’t.

Waist Belt H&M


If you ask most women how many time the have to pull up their jeans on a given day, that number would certainly be high. Given how many people under the age of 30 have a negative view on wearing a belt, this can be expected. 

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But who really wants to see the top of someone’s bum? I would also think that the non belt wearer, if they were aware of their cheeky show, they would certainly head quickly to the nearest store to buy a belt. The reality that the belt was made to keep your pants at or near your waist; Depending on preference.

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The Final Touch

You a going to wear a new acid wash denim jeans and you are excited to show off your new look to the world. There is one thing missing though. While looking in the mirror, you can’t help but see the space on your waist, it’s too empty. 

Waist Belt H&M

A great solution, obviously is to wear a belt. A leather belt can go with about any type of jeans. It doesn’t really matter what colour belt you wear. A brighter colour can say a huge statement that you are open to new ideas while wearing a neutral colour belt is always the safer choice.

A Bad Fit To A Great Fit

We have all done it at one time or another. Wearing a belt over something at least a size up and holding it secure with a belt. A dress and jeans come to mind. One reason for this is that an oversized dress can instantly become something as chic as the runways if the right belt is used.

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Also those larger jeans that keep on falling off of your waist has met their match. The Your belt can be a simple leather one to a more textured type such as a a woven leather belt, just remember to wear one with your pants. The belt is here to stay, even though some might think that the fashion item is un cool.

Pleas leave a comment to let us know if you have been a part of the few belt owners of today.


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