No Need For A Jacket With A The Summer Blazer: Guide For Women & Men

Summer outerwear should be more than wearing a jean jacket or a windbreaker. Sometimes more style is needed to complete your overall look for the day, which is where the summer blazer fits in. What exactly is a summer blazer? Yo u can cal it a blazer that can easily be worn as a substitute to any type of light outerwear in the summer months. You can undoubtedly wear this garment in a variety of circumstances and still look cool.

In this article we will discuss the best ways how both women and men can wear a blazer in the summer and look stylish. Also, we will share some tips to remember when deciding to wear a summer blazer. Ok, let’s take a look.


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Denim jeans are usually a staple in the summer, worn with anything from a simple plain t-shirt to a white cotton blouse. But there is always an opportunity to boost the outfit to become more than just another summer style. 

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Try this outfit: A create colour lightweight summer blazer, paired with denim jeans and black flat sandals. A white blouse would go great as well as medium sized earrings. 


If you want to dress more formally in the summer months, then it is best to either wear a dress or a stylish skirt. Pair your dress with a blazer on top for a more sophisticated outfit. Opt for a dark colour blazer if you will be wearing a light colour dress. When it comes to pairing a blazer with a skirt, wearing a white blazer in the summer season will be a good choice. Good skirt colours will be beige, navy blue, and dark green.

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Chinos were practical meant to be paired with a summer blazer. The texture of these type of pants is actually well suited in complimenting a summer blazer as such a darker colour chinos is recommended. Colours like olive green and navy blue should be paired with a brown or creme colour summer blazer.

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Try this outfit: Olive colour chinos paired with a medium brown summer blazer. Keep the footwear simple with an all black or white canvass shoes. A plain white t-shirt should be the final piece to complete this stylish summer outfit.


if you want to dress more formally in the summer months, then opt to wear suit pants paired with your blazer. You do not necessarily need to wear a matching blazer and suit pants, and contrasting colours will look more stylish anyways. Beige or navy blue will be suitable blazer colours paired with light grey suit pants.

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Substitute the plain white t-shirt for a graphic t-shirt for a more unique outfit.

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