The Best Outfits Women Can Wear For The Unpredictable UK Summer Weather

We all know the ups and downs of weather in the UK (United Kingdom). You would that that maybe the weather will cooperate and have the skies clear with sun beaming all day, but no it is not like that. UK weather in the summer can start off really grey then get sunny with a mild weather only to take a nose dive be cold in the evening.

That basically sums up the weather pattern in the UK, which is not that desirable when deciding to choose which outfit to wear for the day. The outfits that are going to be mentioned in this article are specifically fo summer weather in the UK which should be stylish and versatile at the same time.

Let’s take a look.


A stripped dress is typical for UK summer fashion. Paired with black running shoes and a tote bag. This casual outfit is great for the summer months. Wear a light bomber jacket towards the evening to combat the cool evening breeze.

Stripped Dress Net-A-Porter
Gucci Bomber Jacket Net-A-Porter


A blouse with dots is typical wear amongst women who work in an office, especially in the summer moths. Pair with straight black jeans and light brown flats or loafers. A leather jacket can be worn if you become cold.

Dotted Blouse Net-A-Porter

Denim Shorts

While not a typical sight in the UK during the summer months, denim shorts can be paired with either a graphic t-shirt or a solid light colour t-shirt. Keep in mind that trench coats in the UK are trendy all year long, as this coat would fit perfect in this outfit. Footwear can be either white running shoes or light brown ballerina shoes.

Denim Shorts Net-A-Porter
Ballerina Shoes Net-A-Porter


An a-line skirt paired with a solid grey t-shirt is a perfect outfit for the UK summer. Wear a trench coat over if the weather begins to get cooler.

Black Mini Denim Skirt Net-A-Porter


Pair your camisole shirt with denim jeans and an all black running shoes for a chic and stylish UK summer look. Wear a light bomber jacket in case the weather begins to cool.

Black Marino Wool/Silk Blend Camisole Net-A-Porter

Denim Jacket

Now you may be wondering when exactly is the best time to wear a denim jacket in the summer months. Well, a denim jacket can easily be worn in the morning and evening period almost every day in the summer months. That is because the UK typically has a much cooler morning and evening than many other countries. Pair your denim jacket with denim shorts, leggings, and denim jeans.

Denim Jacket H&M


  • Wearing an all white shirt is a rarity in the UK all year long
  • Floral print is not a popular in the UK as much as in the rest of Europe
  • Keep your accessories in the medium to large size, as this is popular in the UK

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