Remember Emo Fashion? A Reminder Of When Wearing All Black Clothing Was Popular

Yes Emo, short form for emotional which was directly linked to a sub-culture of rock music in the late 1990s to mainstream popularity in the early 200s. This was one of the darkest periods in fashion, literally. People’s wardrobe usually only consisted of black clothing and black studded belts. Thus was the culture, black was meant to express ones depression and dismal outlook on life.


Th rock bands My Chemical romance and Fallout Boy were major influences to the emo sub-culture. Many young people would lock themselves in their room and partake in hallucinogenic drugs. Eventually the emo sub-culture turned into something connected with suicides. With numerous online “suicide cults” encouraging one to suicide for the emo sub-culture. 

Black and white emo fashion


As we noted earlier, black was the main colour to wear. With skinny black jeans being almost mandatory for anyone who considered themselves emo. Other notable pieces included black wristbands, black Converse Chuck Taylor shoes, and tight black graphic tee-shirts with images of popular emo bands. 

Black Boots With Buckles H&M

Popular with the teenager crowd, emo fashion had many female students wearing thick black eye-liner and a pair of thick black rim glasses. The hair style for both males and females was that of straight jet black hair, with long bangs that covered much of ones face. This hairstyle would usually hinder ones vision because of the bangs hanging down in front of their eye.

Decline of The Emo Sub-Culture

The decline of emo-fashion is a direct result of the decline of emo-sub culture. Many of the popular bands of the early 2000s had disbanded. Leaving a giant hole in mainstream recognition of anything associated with emo in general. Another reason for its decline was simply because many of the teenagers who had followed emo sub-culture and emo-fashion had graduated and grew up. The generation behind them had no interest to follow on with anything related to emo. 

Emo hair style

By the year 2010 the emo sub-culture and emo-fashion were non-existent in public. There was a slight reemergence of the scene by late rapper XXXTentacion, who became popular through many of his dark lyrics. But that did not manage to bring the emo scene back into mainstream. Emo sub-culture and emo-fashion eventually went back to its underground roots, where it still is today.


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