Rules On How Women Can Wear Black Clothing In The Summer Months

Ok, so everybody knows that summer is not the time to wear anything black. But there are always a few people who just can’t let go of their favourite black garments and are trying desperately to figure out how to incorporate this into their summer outfits. Let’s just say that wearing an all black outfit is out of the question unless you have a good reason! Which we will explain about more in this article.

Also, we will share some great outfit ideas and tips that can help women pull off a stylish outfit featuring black pieces. In the summer, black can be incorporated into many outfits but you have to be careful to select which piece you want the black clothing to tie into. Let’s take a look.


  • Use your creativity in putting together an outfit that can tie into the black garment. A good example would be a black mini skirt. There are actually numerous ways on how you can style this. Maybe wear a plain white t-shirt aired with black running shoes. Or another good outfit would be to wear a tucked in dress shirt paired with black strappy sandals.
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  • Never match the top with the bottom when it comes to wearing black in the summer months. Instead wear one or two black pieces and pair with contrasting lighter pieces to create the best outfit.
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  • Wearing black accessories are a bit tricky in the hot summer months due to the fact that your outfit will be mainly filled with light colours and the black accessories can throw off your overall look.
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Black Footwear

Wearing black footwear is quite common in the summer months with sandals and pumps being the most worn. For casual settings, stick to something airy such as black strappy sandals for black wedge sandals. Pumps are a summer favourite for formal wear, black pumps can be paired with about any darker colour you can think of. An all black running shoes should be avoided in the summer as your feet will become too hot while being in the sun.

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Black Pants

Black jeans, forget about it! Keep your black pants mainly formal, such as dress pants for the workplace. This is more suitable for black pants in the summer months and can be paired with stylish dress shirts and blouses

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Black Tops

A black t-shirt should be avoided in the summer months and instead should be replaced with a black tank top. Denim shorts can be paired with a black tank top to create a simple casual summer outfit. 

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