Sewing: Pins and Needles to Profits. Becoming Self Made In The Fashion Industry

In the last few years there has been a sharp rise globally in the need to create supplemental income. The global economy has been on a downward trend with the immediate prospects looking dim. So what has this all meant to the creatives amongst us? Using our acquired or forgotten skills to create extra income. 

There has been a lot of buzz about handmade garments selling for huge sums on websites like Instagram and Pinterest. Particularly amongst the many influences, who can enjoy a steady following which means more eyes on their creations. Here is a mini starter kit of sewing to creating profitable stream of income.

Set Up Your Social Media Accounts

This is obviously a no brainer. As the most popular social media platforms are free, why not take advantage and utilize the huge user base. Instagram and Pinterest are the best.

Brainstorm and Collect

Carefully think about what you want to create. Is it going to be something small like winter hat or summer gear such a a t-shirt? Get your ideas on paper then being your journey to find good quality textiles.

Sewing Machine

Having a quality sewing machine is one of the most important aspects of this venture. A faulty machine can immediately ruin the garment that you were working in. Either by having a mind of its own, the thread not staying in the textile, or just hard to control. Please invest in a quality sewing machine.

Instagram Marketing

An expensive camera is not needed to take quality pictures. Many Apple and Samsung cellphones come with an excellent camera with many features. Always take your product pictures in natural light for the best results. With instagram it is best to post at least three photos per week for good follower engagement.

Thread being used in factory production

Pinterest marketing

The stats are in, Pinterest is growing at incredible levels. There is no valid reason not to get Pinterest if you want to make your own garments and sell them online. The customer  base potential is growing daily due to the fact that Pinterest users posts the most activity on social media. This means that people are usually pinning and repining pictures everyday. You would need at least one month of daily use to start seeing audience engagement.


Be sure to get one of the popular apps to accept payments on your social media platform. Price your pieces moderately in. The beginning are you build up followers and resins. Over time you can raise prices due to the amount of time that is needed to create quality garments. 

Over time you can branch out and have factories contracted out to fulfill your orders. You can then focus on the marketing and directing the factory as to how you want your pieces to look. We would like to hear your comments on this lucrative secondary business venture.

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