Simplicity Of A White T-Shirt And Denim Jeans In The Spring Season. Footwear Guide For Women & Men

As the weather begins to become warmer as the days go on, many people start to head to the stores to stock up on their warm weather clothes. But your shopping experience doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Simple pieces can often look the best depending on how you put them together. One example can be a simple outfit consisting of denim jeans and a white t-shirt.

Take your overly complicated warm weather clothes out of here, simplicity is great especially for hot weather. Use your creativity when deciding your footwear and if you would be wearing accessories or not. Let’s take a look at some styles.


Running Shoes

Although running shoes are a preferred piece for a casual look, you still need to decide what colour and style you want to wear. A solid black or white colour will go great with lighter denim jeans, while any other type will go good with sports wear such as joggers or running pants. Canvass footwear such as Converse All-Star shoes are great to wear with denim jeans also.

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You can definitely wear pumps with a simple white t-shirt and denim jeans. But keep in mid that you should limit the colour of your pumps to either black or a cream colour. Skinny denim jeans and high ankle denim jeans are the ideal choice to pair with this type of footwear. Wear pumps to create a statement or to give your regular outfit a boost of confidence.

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Leather Sandals

Wear a pair of white or brown leather sandals in the summer with your denim jeans which will always be in style during the summer months. You can either wear a wide leg or slim fitting denim jeans with this footwear. Also, as far as accessories go, keep them to a minimal with a focus on your necklace size and appearance.

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Running Shoes

The best casual footwear for the summer that men can wear will undoubtedly be running shoes. Keep it simple with solid colours such as white or black. This is about all you need when wearing a basic t-shirt and denim jeans outfit, so don’t overdress!

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Should not really be worn with denim jeans, but of course you can if you wanted to. To make your outfit more stylish, roll up your pants leg a bit or wear cropped jeans.

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  • Avoid staining your white t-shirt as stains can last forever
  • Keep your jeans looking stylish by wearing the correct fit
  • White running shoes are going to be your preferred choice of footwear
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