How Men Can Wear A Blazer As Part Of Their Corporate Success While Looking Confident And Stylish

Ok, so your want to get that corporate job in the financial sector, but your work history has been one which has seen you waring kaki pants with a sleeveless shirt. Let’s face it , we always want to get our suited career what we studied for in university. The economy hasn’t been fair too many graduates, leading them to get their foot into the job market quickly, all be it in an unfavored industry.

In this article we will be discussing why it is important to wear a blazer and how you can master wearing it. Also, we will discuss some outfit ideas that will help guide you on your journey to mastering the blazer. Ok, let’s take a look.

Transitioning Into The Corporate World

Take a recent economics graduate who studied in Boston. This person, let’s call him “Ron,” had studied hard to achieve his degree in four years. After the high of graduating ware away, he was left to fight with the many thousands of other highly qualified grads for a job in the lucrative financial sector.

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Every day for nearly 6 months Ron would submit a minimum of 10 job applications. To no luck at all. He finally decided to call his uncle who owned a property maintenance business , and accept an offer a an all around handyman. Day in and day out Ron worked tirelessly seeing the fruit of his labour to into the acquisition of another rival company in his area. 

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Ron was riding a steady high wave in the unremarkable career. Well let’s just call it his temporary career. Averaging 60hrs per week! The income he earned was $35K more than he would have got coming into an entry level economics career, but he knew what he really wanted. With more money in his bank account and a renewed confidence to finally get into the financial industry, he preemptively quit his property management job and set his plan in motion.


Ron actually gave himself two weeks to land a job as an economist at whatever company he could get into, as long as it was in the financial sector. He updated his resume to include his new work experience.

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Step 2: 

Apply to jobs everyday. Every morning he would be applying to jobs online. Also not forgetting to include a cover letter with his resume. To put a leg up on the other job seekers, he would apply to job boards and have his resume being available publicly incase any recruiters were looking for someone with his skills and abilities.

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Step 3:

Purchase the appropriate clothes for the position you want. All Ron knew was jeans and t-shirts. It was even his go to look for days he wasn’t working. But he was done with that, he needed business clothes that were obviously more suitable for an office environment. Off to the store he want. Buying everything he knew that was needed to make a splash once he secured his dream job.

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Step 4:

The blazer. This piece of garment always gave Ron problems , especially since he didn’t know how to create the best look for the blazer to compliment it. The blazer is a garment made from solid colour fabrics. Which is universally accepted a casual business attire. This was perfect for Ron. He was able to wear this garment on regular work days as well as on casual Fridays, paired with jeans of course.

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How Wearing A Blazer Is The Key To Success

Ron accepted a job offer at at high powered New York firm, entering into the financial sector with a new wardrobe and style. The blazer can not be overlooked as just a simple piece of garment. Wearing one gives many the confidence they need to tackle the many problems faced throughout the work day and the respect they deserve from co-workers and clients.

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A sense of pride and esteem are a few words that describe how the blazer completes one’s look. Not to mention, your style sense will be perceived as extraordinary when the right colours are flowing in your final look. 

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Make sure that you do not overlook the importance of having at least two blazers in your wardrobe. Thats just to start off with. As time got on and you excel in your career, be certain to buy more keep your style fresh at and away from work.

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Check out our many blazers for men and woman that are sure to compliment you look to bring out the best in you.


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