Some Cool Friday Outfits That Women Can Wear To Always Be One Step Ahead Of Your Peers

Fashion can often feel like a game, always searching out for the newest trends even before they start and the constant dedication to create something new and refreshing on a nearly daily basis in regard to your outfits. We get it, this industry can be exhausting but exhilarating nonetheless and your reward is often the comments and intrigue about your style. 

This is why most people love the fashion industry. Anyway, Friday is that time of the week to unwind and start your weekend. Showcase your style to the world by taking some inspiration from the cool outfits that we have put together.

Loafers Net-A-Porter

Let’s take a look.


Denim jeans are great to wear with loafers in the fall. Keep this outfit minimal with the addition of either an oversized wool sweater or a simple button down shirt. Accessories such as your handbag and earrings should be medium size.

Gucci Loafers Net-A-Porter
Denim Jeans Net-A-Porter


Wear your navy blue blazer open to showcase your graphic t-shirt. Choose a graphic t-shirt that either has a face on it o a pattern. This will compliment your black leggings and ankle boots. A clutch handbag is perfect for tis outfit.

Balmain Wool-Twill Blazer Net-A-Porter
Leather Ankle Boots Net-A-Porter

Mini Skirt

Wear a black mini skirt with a pair of solid colour running shoes such as Vans. This outfit can either include a denim jacket or dark green canvass jacket. A simple cotton crew neck sweater should be worn. Accessories should only be a medium size handbag. Jewellery should not be worn as this will detract from this cool, laid back outfit.

Wool Mini Skirt Net-A-Porter
Leather Shoulder Handbag Net-A-Porter

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