Some Of The Best Summer Outfit Combinations For Men Who Value Comfort And Style

Comfort and style are not words that are usually synonymous with each other because many people do not believe in that. In regards to fashion, having comfortable clothing  will usually mean that style will be compromised and vice versa when it comes to style. This shouldn’t be the case at all because you can definitely have both and wear your outfit confidently.

Men tend to put more emphasis on wearing comfortable clothing in the summer which is understandable because of the hot wether but this can lead to style being overlooked. In order to achieve both comfort and style when wearing your summer outfits we have created a list of some combinations that work well for both attributes.. Let’s take a look.

Denim Jeans & Graphic T-Shirt

Denim jeans paired with a t-shirt is as casual as men can get with regard to a summer outfit. For tis outfit, we want to include a graphic t-shirt instead of the plain type, which will add some depth. This is a great casual outfit that can be worn on most summer days while out and about. Pair this outfit with solid colour running shoes for a great overall look.

Slim Selvedge Jeans H&M

Beige Chinos & White Dutton Down Shirt

For a more put together appearance try this outfit. Wearing a tucked in white button down shirt paired with chinos is a great look for going out in the evening to a restaurant. Brown loafers should be worn as footwear.

Beige Chinos H&M

Black Jeans & White T-Shirt

Sometimes a minimalist outfit such as pairing black jeans with a white shirt can be all you need to create a good summer outfit. Pair your outfit with your favourite running shoes or a black leather loafers to stay comfortable and stylish.

Black Slim Selvedge Jeans H&M

Distressed Denim Jeans & Tank Top

An acid wash distressed denim jeans can be worn with just about any type of casual shirt and still look good. Paired with a tank top can be your much needed relief from the summer heat as the breeze with surely cool you down. Wear a solid colour running shoes to complete the outfit and medium frame sunglasses as your only accessory.

Distressed Jeans H&M

Sports Jersey & Denim Jeans

The trick to pull off this outfit is to wear a sports jersey that fits well and is not oversized. Sometimes supporting your team can turn into a fashion statement if done correctly. Wear slim fit denim jeans when wearing an oversized jersey and skinny fit jeans when wearing a more fitted jersey.Be sure to wear running shoes such as Vans for a great overall look.

Denim Jeans H&M

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