Some Of The Best Ways How Women Can Mix Textures In Their Fall Outfits And Look Great

There really is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to creating a great fall outfit, and creativity is of the upmost importance. So what are some ways that women can create a stylish fall outfit hat is not stale and bland? Well, of course one of the best ways how to achieve this goal is to mix textures. Meaning instead of wearing just an all cotton outfit, you can experiment with switching some pieces such as wearing a satin blouse paired with cotton pants.

In this article we will discuss some of the best ways how women can mix textures in their fall outfits for a better look. Also, we will share some tips that women should remember to avoid some common mistakes when it comes to fall fashion. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Satin And Cotton

As we mentioned earlier in this article, pairing satin with cotton is a good idea and should be implemented properly. We all know about wearing a satin blouse but this is just one key to the puzzle. In order to pull off this type of outfit, careful selection needs to be made in regard to pants type and satin blouse colour. For the fall season opt to wear a satin blouse that is a neutral colour and can easily be paired with dark colour pants. 

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The best type of shoes to wear with this outfit will be either leather ankle boots or loafers. While your accessories should be medium size and chic.

Cotton And Wool

We all know how comfortable cotton material feels on our skin and also there is an added benefit of breathability. The same cannot be said of polyester and actually wool is particularly itchy. Hat is why when we talk about pairing cotton with wool, firstly we need to know the sensitivity of your skin. Because if your skin is particularly sensitive, wearing a piece such as a wool sweater by itself is going to be a no.

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While on the other hand, if your skin is not particularly sensitive, you can wear any type of wool textured piece you choose. Tip: Be careful to not overdue the amount of wool you wear in the fall season, as the weather will just be slightly cold.

Canvass And Cotton

Cotton paired with canvass is actually an underrated thing in the fashion space. Not only does canvass compliment cotton but the texture and perceived ruggedness of canvass will definitely give any fall outfit a bit of flare and personality. Some of the best fall canvass pieces will be cargo pants and outerwear.

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To wear these two materials correctly, choose to wear seasonal colours such as dark greens and shades of brown and orange. One example would be to wear a dark green canvass jacket layered over an orange turtleneck sweater and paired with black mom jeans. Your footwear should be ankle boots and accessories should be minimal.

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