Some Unique Differences Between American And British Women’s Fall Fashion

Relatively speaking, USA and UK share a lot of history with one another but fashion wise and about anything else they do not. In regard to women’s fashion, the styles and garments are completely different. From bold statement pieces to a more conservative look, the two countries fashion and style could not be any further apart.

Let’s take a look at some notable differences in both countries style and fashion choices.



In the UK a casual women’s style might compromise of skinny jeans paired with a graphic t-shirt under a solid colour blazer. Running shoes are big in the UK so definitely they would be worn as footwear.

Levi’s Skinny Jeans


Comfortability is a big factor in shaping how American women tend to dress. Yoga pants and leggings are extremely popular to wear with just about anything. A common casual fall outfit would be to wear black leggings or yoga pants paired with a solid colour long sleeve shirt and a light jacket on top. Footwear would be running shoes as well.

Lululemon Black Yoga Pants



In the UK women love to wear a blazer whenever they can, this is no different for formal wear. You will see a lot of times women wearing an outfit that consists of a black blazer over a white dress shirt, tucked into black dress pants. Footwear would be black pumps. 

Black Blazer Net-A-Porter


Apart from having the same footwear as the UK when it comes to women formal wear the is a major difference in outfit preferences. American women love to wear a dress whenever there is any formal event happening. Accessories are mandatory with this type of outfit as is a stylish handbag.

Navy Blue Dress Net-A-Porter

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