Stylish Fashion Trends Women Over 50 Can Wear All Year Long

Sometimes social media and popular culture forget about the over 50 years old segment of the population, especially when it comes to fashion. We tend to forget that they were actually the ones who where one of the early innovators of the modern fashion trends of today. So we decided to make a list of some timeless fashion trends that women over 50 years old can wear all year long.

Social media is filled with a plethora of fashion focused accounts where a twenty something year old woman is wearing all the latest designs trying to entice her peers to purchase those items. What about the over 50 year old crowd? Nope, you have to scour Instagram to be able to find an account that will inspire you. So with that being said, let’s take a look at some stylish fashion trends.

Straight Jeans

Of course we had to mention straight jeans. Every woman over 50 remembers when the denim jeans came onto the market. It was a time when fashion really made a huge step into casual wear and has been as popular as ever. Straight jeans paired with ankle boots are amazing!

Straight Jeans Net-A-Porter

White Dress Shirt

A clean cut timeless look that women over 50 actually wear much better that anyone younger is the white dress shirt. Either it be for work or as part of a casual outfit, the white dress shirt can be styled with denim jeans to dress pants. Tuck your white dress shirt in for a more chic look.

White Dress Shirt Net-A-Porter

Trench Coat

A trench coat is not suitable for all year long but we had to include this iconic coat. Long and usually in a beige colour, this coat was made for streetwear and is arguably the most recognizable outerwear in the history of fashion. Wear your trench coat open or buttoned up, either way, this coat is sure to compliment any outfit.

Trench Coat Net-A-Porter

Light Colour Cardigan

Notice we did not mention any type of dark colour cardigan, for a simple fact that a light grey or sky blue cardigan just looks better on women over 50 years old. Keep in mind to watch out for layering mistakes such as a similar colour shirt underneath the cardigan. 

Gucci Cardigan Net-A-Porter

Black Midi Dress

Not a black mini dress but a midi dress. This dress is great for an evening out or for the workplace. Style with a belt around the waist for more definition.

Midi Dress Net-A-Porter

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