Summer House Party Fashion Guide For Men & Women Who Want To Look Stylish

Do not give yourself a pat on the back every time you remember those days when you used to show up to summer house parties dressed in whatever you could find. Because that fashion mistake will not happen again. This time around your house party style is going to be awesome. One thing to remember is that we will be specifically talking about what to wear at a summer house party. First of all, a house party is typically in a casual setting, which means that casual wear is expected.

There is no point on showing up dressed in a two piece suit or for women, high heels and a dress. That is why we have created this guide, which will show some outfits that men and women can create to wear to a summer house party. Also, we will share some tips to remember when dressing for a house party and how to stay stylish. Ok, let’s take a look at some ways on how to style your summer house party outfit.


Because summer house parties tend to be extremely casual, so should your outfit. Keep it extremely casual with denim jeans and a graphic t-shirt. For footwear, you can wear your favourite running shoes to complete the look. But if you want a smarter casual look, you should opt for a dark coloured chinos with a solid colour t-shirt. Keep your footwear casual with a black or white running shoes or leather loafers.

Trashed Skinny Jeans H&M


We all know how much women like to dress up and look stylish no matter what type of part they are invited to. But, when it comes to a summer house party, it is recommended to no overdress. Denim jeans, more specifically distressed denim jeans should be worn in addition to a tank top or a tank top. Your footwear should be kept casual so a pair of running shoes are going to be ideal. To up your outfit, you can wear black jeans paired with a halter top.

Wide Ankle Jeans H&M

With your accessories to a minimum so as to not lose them as the night go on. Carry a wristlet to keep essential cards, cash, and your phone as to not loose them easily. For footwear, lace or wedge sandals are fine.


  • Remember this is a house party, do not over dress
  • Keep accessories to a minimum
  • Wear darker colours if you are prone to spill drinks on your clothes
  • Shorts are not recommended to be worn
  • Wear shoes that you will not be too sad to loose incase they end up missing

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