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The Best Ways How Men Can Wear A Sweatshirt Underneath A Blazer For A Retro Fall Outfit

There is nothing more joyful than creating a retro inspired outfit to suit modern times. This can be easier said than done and some thought has to be put into the outfit creation. On the other hand, if we are taking about 1980s style, there really is not that much thought that is needed, because […]

The Top 5 Ways How Women Can Wear A Pair Of All Black Running Shoes With A Blazer In The Fall

When we think about wearing a blazer in the fall season, the first thing that usually comes to mind when it comes to supporting footwear would be some sort of ankle boots. But in this article we want to be a bit controversial and talk about how wearing a pair of all black running shoes […]

The Best Ways How Men Can Wear Shorts With A Blazer In The Summer And Look Good

We are no longer constrained to dress according to how society tells us and in these modern times we are free to actually whatever we want. Ultimately this is a positive because it gives us the opportunity to experiment and create a stylish outfit that would’t be possible to do before. Ok, so what are […]

Top 5 Ways How Men Can Wear A Hoodie With A Blazer In The Winter With Chelsea Boots

There will always be a good time to wear a blazer, it doesn’t matter if you are going to dress in a casual outfit or more business like. You would think that since wearing a blazer is synonymous with wearing dress pants and a dress shirt, how would wearing a blazer with a hoodie actually […]

Ditch the Two Piece Suit: A Men’s Guide To Wearing A Blazer At The Workplace In The Winter

We all know the official workplace attire of a two piece suit, paired with dress shoes. Yes, we get it, sometimes you cannot divert from this type of outfit but if you can, then this article is for you. The tired and boring trend of wearing a black blazer and dress pants paired with a […]

5 Easy Winter Blazer Outfits For Women To Look Stylish On The Weekend

There is nothing more comfortable than just wearing track pants or denim jeans on a cool winter weekend. You can call that comfortable clothes, one that is extremely comfortable but not that stylish. Why not go an entirely different path with your winter weekend outfit, and wear a blazer instead. Your outfit will immediately get […]

Top 3 Blazer And Turtleneck Sweater Outfits That Women Can Wear At The Office In The Winter

The popularity of the turtleneck sweater has been considerably rising fast due to the thousands of posted outfits on Instagram featuring the turtleneck sweater predominately. This is good news for fashionistas and retailers who sell blazers as well. Why do w say that? Because the combination of a turtleneck layered underneath a blazer is on […]

Top 3 Ways How Men Can Wear A Turtleneck And Blazer In The Fall Effortlessly

The turtleneck sweater is one of those fashion pieces that can only be described as unique. Obviously the sweater goes up to the persons chin, which can be a challenge when styling an outfit, but nonetheless a turtleneck sweater is amazing. The fall season is a great time to wear this top especially layered underneath […]

Top Five Casual Blazer Outfits Women Can Wear On A Summer Weekend

Wearing a blazer is not only for formal occasions or the workplace. A blazer can be incorporated into an outfit which can be chic, casual, or business casual. Think of for example a white blazer paired with distressed denim jeans. Pair this with a black pair of pumps and your chic casual blazer outfit is […]

No Need For A Jacket With A The Summer Blazer: Guide For Women & Men

Summer outerwear should be more than wearing a jean jacket or a windbreaker. Sometimes more style is needed to complete your overall look for the day, which is where the summer blazer fits in. What exactly is a summer blazer? Yo u can cal it a blazer that can easily be worn as a substitute […]