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The Only 3 Ways How Men Can Dress For A Winter Business Conference Without Wearing A Suit

Yes, disregard the many people who say that you can wear whatever you like to a business conference as long as you have a dress shirt on. This is one of many such statements that can be heard amongst many first time business conference attended. There is only three ways how men can dress fo […]

How Cuff Links Have Gone From Formal Wear Accessory To Mainstream As A Sophisticated Must Have For The Business Man

Many men forget to add that last touch to of spark or as to say the last piece of the puzzle to their business outfits. Yes, we know, but wait is not the cuff link only supposed to be worn with formal attire? The answer is definitely a no! There is much to appreciate about […]

Sewing: Pins and Needles to Profits. Becoming Self Made In The Fashion Industry

In the last few years there has been a sharp rise globally in the need to create supplemental income. The global economy has been on a downward trend with the immediate prospects looking dim. So what has this all meant to the creatives amongst us? Using our acquired or forgotten skills to create extra income.