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How To Quickly Start A Small Fashion Business: Turning Your Hobby Into Income

For the sake of this article, let’s assume you already have a general grasp of a facet of fashion. Whether it be designing, outfits, modelling, or industry trends, you are already well ahead of the rest of someone else who is thinking of starting their own small business in the fashion industry. 

Why Women Should Not Overlook These 4 Fall Fashion Items To Include Their Wardrobe

There are quite a few well known fashion pieces that every woman will wear at one time or anther in the fall season. This is good, because those foundation pieces are what sets the tone for the season especially with the earthy and dark shades. Blazers, jackets, trench coats, and plaid items are not what […]

The Best 3 Fashion Items That A Man Can Wear To Make Any Outfit Look Expensive

Let’s face it, whenever a man wears a casual outfit they are not really thinking about looking like a million bucks. Instead, comfortability and style are the two most important aspects to many men’s casual outfits. On the other hand when it comes to a more formal look, men tend to over compensate with either […]

The Top 3 Summer Shoes For Men That Will Go With Any Casual Outfit

Summer is one of the best times of the year to take out that t-shirt or shorts that you’ve been saving throughout the previous year and rock stylish outfits. But what about your footwear? A lot of men tend to forget that just because the weather is hot doesn’t mean that only sandals or running […]

What Exactly Does It Mean To Dress For A Black Tie Event

Dressing for a black tie event can be as simple as putting on an elegant dress to being entirely confused about what to wear due to non communication with the host. You see, black tie attire is not set in stone, from one individual host to another this can mean different things. One host might […]

How To Wear A Longline Blazer Inside And Outside Of The Office And Look Chic

The blazer is a fashion item that is misunderstood by many women for reasons that are mostly myth. Many of women tend to think that wearing a blazer as part of an outfit should only be worn in formal occasions or at work. Opposite to men, women tend to view blazers as not a go […]

Some Unique Differences Between American And British Women’s Fall Fashion

Relatively speaking, USA and UK share a lot of history with one another but fashion wise and about anything else they do not. In regard to women’s fashion, the styles and garments are completely different. From bold statement pieces to a more conservative look, the two countries fashion and style could not be any further […]

The Best Ways Women Can Wear A Turtleneck In The Fall And Look Stylish

One of the most sought after fashion item for the fall has been the turtleneck. Once hugely popular in the 1990s, the turtleneck fell considerably out of favour around the mid 2000s when an emphasis on v-neck and wide crew neck tops were in style. But once again, the turtleneck has made a complete comeback […]

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