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Shorts Are Not Necessary: Summer Pants For The Fashionable Woman

We all know how to traditionally dress for the summer: shorts, a tank top, and a pair of sandals. But this should not be your only option. Summer pants are light weight, breathable, and look great with about any style you want to achieve. From capris, to crop jeans, and wide leg linen pants, the […]

Wearing Muted Solid Tones For A Stylish Organic Look

What exactly does muted solids mean? You can describe it in regards to fashion to those clothes that have a more subtle colour and tone than compared to for example a bright red shirt. Each is full of life and is the ultimate source of our well being. Why not include muted tones such as […]

Every Woman Must Have These Classic Fashion Staples

We all know that modern fashion has been called fast fashion, and for good reason. You see when big brands such as H&M and Zara started to become popular, many consumers started to demand new releases quicker than the traditional fashion cycle. This lead to new trends becoming popular every month, which in turn has […]

What Type Of Dress You Should You Wear To A Spring Wedding As A Guest

Mid-way through Spring to the end of Summer is that time of the year. Everyone you know seems as if they are getting married, as if they planned anything together! The weather is beautiful, or should we say cooperative for those great photographs. Of the bride and groom. So inevitably, you will be receiving an […]

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