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Mediterranean Fashion: A Relaxed Smart-Casual Style

One trip to the any town on the Mediterranean Sea coast in Europe will reveal a style like no other. The ultra stylish local inhabitants often sped a good chunk of their money on clothes. You have to understand, apart from the beautiful beaches, great food, and relaxed lifestyle, fashion is also an integral part […]

Who Said Flannel Shirts Are Only For Farmers

The classic farmer attire called flannel shirts have been making a steady comeback since the hight of popularity of the early 1990s. With its slightly raised cotton or wool fabric, it is no wonder why this shirt was considered everyday wear for a farmer. Adopted mainly by the grunge fashion trend, this shirt can now […]

Feeling or Looking Good What’s More Important To You?

The cynical people have already answered this question in their head without even thinking twice about it. The world over is always fed the line that it doesn’t matter what you really wear as long as you feel good inside. Now don’t start agreeing with that analogy just yet. We can break down what it […]

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