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What Exactly Does Being Fashion Forward Really Mean For Women

We all hear the same phrases time and time again, “You don’t have any fashion sense, ” “Those clothes don’t look right on you,” or “Do you just pick any clothes and create an outfit?” Fashion is more than clothes, you can even go as far as to say that fashion is clothing, knowledge of […]

I Want to Be Cool Too: How Ego And Power Can Be Detrimental To One’s Fashion Sense

When most of us look back at our school days, we remember all of the cool kids. With their brand new jackets, shirts, pants, and even shoes. Envy is the word that could describe how many of us felt. The fact was that many of these students were spoiled and needed to HAVE these designer […]

The Ultimate Winter Jacket Guide For The Parka: What Men And Women Can Learn

Some say there’s no need to actually wear a suitable jacket in winter. Others say that you can virtually get away with wearing a raincoat and a hoodie underneath. Hahaha. The analogy being that the raincoat will definitely protect against the snow fall since it is waterproof and that the hoodie underneath will for sure […]

Understanding the 5 W’s of Fashion: Essential Knowledge That Women Need To Know

Fashion has become more than just putting together some simple pieces of fabric and healing it together with a belt and buttons, it has evolved much more than that. Gone are the days when we only looked to the internationally recognized famous models for inspiration and a benchmark of good fashion sense.