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The Best 3 Fashion Items That A Man Can Wear To Make Any Outfit Look Expensive

Let’s face it, whenever a man wears a casual outfit they are not really thinking about looking like a million bucks. Instead, comfortability and style are the two most important aspects to many men’s casual outfits. On the other hand when it comes to a more formal look, men tend to over compensate with either […]

Figuring Out If Wearing A Solid Colour Or Pattern Shirt Is The Correct Choice For A Fall Date Night Out

Ok so we all know how to behave on a date night out but do we really know how to dress for this particular night? Maybe not! It is hard enough figuring out if your two personalities will match and other little things such as location and time. But what about your all important outfit? 

The Copenhagen Fall Style Guide For Woman And Men

Denmark has always had a special spot in the fashion world in regard to their ultra cool and modern look. The local fashion scene inCopenhagen is somewhat similar to those of other popular smaller size fashion hubs such as Leipzig and Stockholm, but has it own unique way of doing things. Local designers tend to […]

The Top 3 Summer Shoes For Men That Will Go With Any Casual Outfit

Summer is one of the best times of the year to take out that t-shirt or shorts that you’ve been saving throughout the previous year and rock stylish outfits. But what about your footwear? A lot of men tend to forget that just because the weather is hot doesn’t mean that only sandals or running […]

What Exactly Does It Mean To Dress For A Black Tie Event

Dressing for a black tie event can be as simple as putting on an elegant dress to being entirely confused about what to wear due to non communication with the host. You see, black tie attire is not set in stone, from one individual host to another this can mean different things. One host might […]

How Streetwear In Hong Kong Has Changed From Only American Influenced To Now Embracing Local And International Designers

Streetwear culture in Hong Kong has always been popular amongst the men and women under the age of 30 years old ever since the early 2000s. Walking around the various districts in the city can reveal hidden gems that can only be found in Hong Kong. Such as local designer  OKOKOK and international designer Carrots […]

How Location Can Play A Big Role In Determining How You Dress On Your First Date In The Summer

It’s almost time you and your date and getting increasingly nervous, texting each other to confirm the location, and deciding what to wear out. This is all a normal part of preparing to for your first date. But what exactly should be worn in not that easy to determine without taking into consideration the date […]

How Tucking Your Pants Into Your Socks Is More Than A Fashion Statement

This weird yet stylish trend doesn’t seem to fade away from the fashion scene. Yes, tucking your pants into your socks. One would think that this would ruin a well put together outfit, but no it does not. You see tucking pants into socks instantly gives a more streamline look, especially when wearing sweatpants.

Why Matching An Outfit Head To Toe Is Not As Bad As They Say

Why in the world would anyone do that, wear the completely same colour top to bottom? Well let’s see…Maybe they are going to an all white banquet event, or maybe a funeral with an all black outfit, or maybe it is just their favourite colour. Whatever the reason, there are some right and wrong ways […]

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