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How Men Can Wear A Vest In The Winter Season To Look Stylish And Keep Warm

The winter season is that time of the year here the weather is usually uncomfortably cod and your wardrobe options are limited to long sleeve pieces. This is actually not 100 percent true, because if you want to wear something as unseasonal as a t-shirt, you really need to know how to layer effectively. But […]

Why Men Don’t Need To Be Normal In Their Fashion Anymore And Instead Use Their Creativity To Create A Stylish Outfit

Men throughout the world have always been a bit more behind form women historically speaking, from ditching their classic outfits for something more creative. This is very true with they way how men dress for their job at the office. Typically, the attire that men tend to wear is mainly a two piece suit with […]

Why Men Need To Be Careful When Wearing A Leather Jacket In The Winter Season

Really, what is more better than wearing a leather jacket paired with denim jeans as part of a casual outfit? Nothing really! This is such an example of a classic outfit that men around the world like to wear no matter if they are just heading out in the weekend day or heading to hang […]

Classic, Creative, And Hype: Why Men Shouldn’t Be Stuck In A Box With Their Style

Let’s think for one-second and ask ourselves why do men immediately jump into one genre of style and stick with that throughout the many seasons, and ultimately throughout their entire lives? This has been a question that has not been asked and really should be addressed, because at coatFibers, we like to encourage men and […]

The Way How Men Need To Dress On The Road To Becoming A Social Media Icon In The Fall

With the popularity of social media not slowing down any time soon, there is a growing trend amongst men and women to capitalize on the opportunity of becoming a social media icon, which in its own rights will be a gateway to opening many lucrative doors. What we are talking about is that due to […]

The Best Fall Denim Jacket Looks That That Men Can Create For A Stylish Outfit

There is no other jacket that is more iconic than a denim jacket, which is made of the same material as the world’s most popular pants. But there is more to wearing a denim jacket than just parring it with any type of jeans, yes, we really need to stop this thinking. A denim jacket […]

The Only Three Ways How Men Can Guarantee That Their Fall Fashion Stands Out And Look Its Best

Fall is that time of the year where many men and women get really passionate about style and an overall sense of that they can now truly showcase their fashion sense to thee world. This is because unlike the summer months where your fashion is limited to mainly light pieces and void of any type […]

The Top 5 Beige Pieces That Men Can Wear In The Fall Season For A Stylish Look

There is nothing easier to pair pieces with than with the colour beige. This neutral colour is a breeze to wear in the fall and actually is one of many neutral colours that should be stacked in your wardrobe year round. When it comes to wearing beige, there are going to be some rules that […]

The Case For Why Men Should Really Wear Only Black Cotton Socks In The Fall And Winter Months And How This Impacts Footwear Choice

There is nothing wrong with choosing to wear that pair of shoes that you have been wearing all spring and summer, and now into the fall. No, there isn’t as long as those shoes are not a pair of all white running shoes, open toe sandals, or flip flops. There are many reasons as to […]

Why Men Need To Consider Wearing Work Clothes As Part Of A Casual Fall Outfit

When we talk about work clothing, we are not necessarily talking about heavy duty work gear such as overalls and safety vests. No, we are actually talking about all types of work clothes, such as retail store worker uniforms to a three piece suit to something as plain as a sales man and his beige […]