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Cool aka Hype Beast: From Individual To Follower. How Hype Beast Fashion Has Influenced Us All

Some will say that the whole hype beast fashion scene is just a fad others argue that it is a legitimate part of the fashion world and should be respected as such. The truth is that it is more of an establishment/anti-establishment fashion movement. The paradoxes are as complex as why some choose to follow […]

The Baseball Cap: From Snapback To Fitted Not For Everyday Wear. A Man’s Guide For Spring

In American culture the baseball cap is a timeless sports accessory, originally used to protect the sun from a baseball player’s face. From the soft shell hats with a short brim in the 1860s to the now ever popular snapbacks, these hats are unique on their own.

How Men Can Master The Preppy Style In The Spring And Look Stylish

Popularized in the 1980s, this fashion trend is staying strong. Preppy fashion originates from the expensive Ivy League universities in the United States. Many preppy styles have pieces from sports such as polo, hunting, fencing, and rugby. While the many men might seem like a preppy outfit is easy to pull off, there is actually […]

Grunge Fashion: Do It Yourself. How Men Can Create An Edgy Casual Spring Outfit

Forget about spending hundreds of dollars just to keep up with the current grunge fashion trend sweeping the world. Once an inexpensive look to achieve, is now dominated by big brands trying to clash grunge streetwear with high fashion. Grunge fashion started in the mid 1980s, popularized by musicians such as Kurt Cobain and his […]

How Men Can Dress When Travelling From A Cold To A Warm Climate In The Fall

We have all been through this. It’s winter, the temperature right now is well below freezing, but we will be heading out for our vacation to South East Asia. What is suitable to pack and also to wear on the trip going there. Common sense says to make sure that you bring your summer gear. […]

Fashion: Feeling or Looking Good, What’s More Important To You? More Than Just Clothing

The cynical people have already answered this question in their head without even thinking twice about it. The world over is always fed the line that it doesn’t matter what you really wear as long as you feel good inside. Now don’t start agreeing with that analogy just yet. We can break down what it […]

The Ultimate Winter Jacket Guide For The Parka: What Men And Women Can Learn

Some say there’s no need to actually wear a suitable jacket in winter. Others say that you can virtually get away with wearing a raincoat and a hoodie underneath. Hahaha. The analogy being that the raincoat will definitely protect against the snow fall since it is waterproof and that the hoodie underneath will for sure […]

How Men Can Wear A Blazer As Part Of Their Corporate Success While Looking Confident And Stylish

Ok, so your want to get that corporate job in the financial sector, but your work history has been one which has seen you waring kaki pants with a sleeveless shirt. Let’s face it , we always want to get our suited career what we studied for in university. The economy hasn’t been fair too […]

5 Reasons Why Men And Women Should Own A Windbreaker In The Spring Months For A Stylish Yet Effective Outfit

The windbreaker, can we even live without it. This versatile, but light piece of garment has been seared into our wardrobe permanently ever since its recent breakout on the runways. There are many practical uses for wearing a windbreaker with versatility and effectiveness being the biggest factors.