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5 Useful Tips That Men Over The Age Of 50 Should Never Forget When Wearing Jeans In The Winter Months

While it is no surprise that men over 50 still enjoy to wear denim jeans year round, the surprise comes with the lack of understanding about the best types of jeans to wear with each outfit. Of course you can always just put on a pair of classic Levis straight jeans and call it a […]

The Top 5 Ways How Men Over 50 Can Dress For The Winter Season In Style

Fashion can be particularly precise, with insider instructions from so called “experts” on what you should specifically wear and at what point of the year. Well, to the uninformed person this might sound like great news, but it really isn’t. There needs to be individual creativity in your outfit selection and the “expert’s” opinion need […]

Stylish Fashion Trends Women Over 50 Can Wear All Year Long

Sometimes social media and popular culture forget about the over 50 years old segment of the population, especially when it comes to fashion. We tend to forget that they were actually the ones who where one of the early innovators of the modern fashion trends of today. So we decided to make a list of […]