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5 Spring Fashion Rules That Women Should Remember To Stay Stylish Throughout The Season

When it comes to fashion, there are always some sort of rules to follow, whether it be “official” or unofficial. Some of these rules can range from never wearing white after Labour Day to the quirky rule of don’t wear the same piece more than once per month. Yes, rules are everywhere and a fact […]

Why Women Should Not Forget These 5 Rules To Follow When Creating An Outfit On A Mild Winter Day

The winter months are generally the coldest part of the year, which can be well below freezing temperatures and brutal snow storms. So understandably, you are going to be bundled up wearing anything from two socks to a thick parks and anything in between. But how exactly are you going to dress when the weather […]

5 Fashion Rules That Every French Woman Lives By

The French are renowned for their fresh baguettes and great art history throughout the world. Also French fashion has been adopted amongst many fashion focused people worldwide. French women in particular are all about quality and style which is very evident while walking the streets of cities such as Paris or Marseille.