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The Case For Why Men Should Really Wear Only Black Cotton Socks In The Fall And Winter Months And How This Impacts Footwear Choice

There is nothing wrong with choosing to wear that pair of shoes that you have been wearing all spring and summer, and now into the fall. No, there isn’t as long as those shoes are not a pair of all white running shoes, open toe sandals, or flip flops. There are many reasons as to […]

Why Men Should Only Wear White Socks When Playing A Sport

It is really easy to forget that your favourite white socks that are worn practically everyday should not be worn at all…except for sport activities. Why is that you say? There are many reasons that make sense and not just fashion sense but common sense as well. You don’t want to spend time perfecting your […]

The Best Type Of Socks That Women Can Wear In The Spring For Any Outfit

Look at your feet right now. Most likely you are wearing white cotton socks. Yes those athletic ones meant for only a specific type of shoe. Running shoes. How often is it that we subconsciously by default, put on white socks knowing that we will be wearing inappropriate shoes for said socks?