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What To Wear With White Jeans For The Best Summer Outfits

Undoubtedly white clothing has always been associated with the warm summer months, from white shirts to white pants. But should you even attempt to wear white jeans in the summer to anyplace other than a festival? Well the answer is a big yes! A summer wardrobe is not complete without the addition of a pair […]

The Best Shirts Men And Women Can Wear To A Summer BBQ

Summer is all about relaxing and enjoying the warm weather. Sometimes a walk in the park will be sufficient enough to experience the summer months, but undoubtedly there will be at least one bbq that you will attend. This is a good time to bring out a cool outfit to show other attendees that you […]

Some Of The Best Dolce & Gabbana Floral Prints For Summer

We all know the high street brand Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) and their quality clothes and designs, but how exactly can you choose the correct pieces for summer. Thankfully Browns Fashion has all the pieces you need. We will take a look at some of the most stylish floral print summer print shirts and dresses […]

The Basics: Women’s Summer Fashion Items

Most women being to methodically search through their wardrobe as the summer approaches, hoping to not find a particular item, so that they can to go out and shop. Usually what happens is that the shopping trip ends up with more items purchased than what was expected. Why? Mainly because of the constant advertisements to […]

Top Five 1990s Women’s Fashion Trends That Are Still Relevant Today

The 1990s was an exciting decade, filled with popular sitcoms such as Friends and emerging technological advancements that have shaped our world for today. But this article is not remotely about any of those things, we are a fashion website and as such we would like to look at the top 5 women’s fashion trends […]

The Only Handbags You Ever Need For The Summer

Forget about the typical black leather handbag seen all around town this summer. Instead there are new rules for style and handbags. Because the weather will be considerably warmer than in the winter, you do not need to be lugging around our winter handbag. Just the bare essentials are needed inside for the summer.

Can Your Lip Stick Choice Really Define Your Summer Style

Looking back at the different summer fashion trends throughout the years, one aspect that has been missing is the concept of lip colour and how it can directly influence your outfit. One example of this can be when a red dress is worn with a darker colour lip shade, such as burgundy, which can be […]

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