Taking The Pencil Skirt Out Of The Office And Into Your Sophisticated Outfit Wardrobe

The pencil skirt has been forever synonymous with the office and corporate culture inn general. This humble garment is a staple for many women in the corporate world, usually paired with a simple button down collar shirt and pumps for footwear. But there has now been a little bit of a revolution coming on the horizon for the pencil skirt and it is great to see.

Many creative designers are now taking this often semi-flattering skirt and de-constructing it to create something unique and stylish. Now you can find the pencil skirt in loose fits, maybe added pockets, or as body hugging as possible. It seems now like the sky is the limit for this humble garment.

Gucci Pencil Skirt Net-A-Porter

Let’s take a look at some ways how you can wear the pencil skirt out of the office and a part of a sophisticated outfit.

Patterned Skirt

A patterned pencil skirt is great to wear for an evening night out. Stick with darker colours for a more sophisticated look. Wear I black long sleeve shirt such as a turtle neck to tie in the outfit. Footwear should be either pumps or strappy sandals. A small size handbag will go well with this outfit as the patterned skirt should be the focal point.

Patterned Pencil Skirt Net-A-Porter

Dark Colour Skirt

Wearing a black pencil skirt as part of a sophisticated outfit should be a no brainer. The versatility of this colour skirt outweighs any other type of pencil skirt. For a sleek look, wear a tucked in dark colour slim fitting shirt. Pumps should be worn as footwear. Small or medium accessories can be added to complete your look.

Dark Colour Pencil Skirt Net-A-Porter

Light Colour Skirt

Wearing a light colour pencil skirt is usually reserved for the warmer months of the year. You can pair this skirt with a tucked in white blouse to create a fun daytime outfit. Wear strappy sandals as footwear and large accessories to tie in this outfit.

Light Colour Pencil Skirt Net-A-Porter

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