The 5 Italian Spring Fashion Rules That Men Should Follow To Create A Stylish Outfit

Men’s fashion in Italy is on a whole different level from most of the world and we will explain why. You see, instead of treating fashion as just some clothes that you put together and hope that the overall outfit looks good, fashion in Italy is more a reflection of ones personality and dedication to choosing the correct pieces that just fit perfectly together. Because of the warm climate in most of the country, heavy coats are not really a problem unless you are in the north of the country in the winter season.

The spring season is the perfect time in Italy to start experimenting with colours. In this article we will be discussing the 5 rules that men should remember when deciding to dress like an Italian in the spring. We will also discuss some tips to remember with Italian male fashion. Ok, let’s take a look.

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This is one of the biggest aspects of spring fashion in Italy which is equally as important in men’s and women’s style. Because of the mild temperatures, it is not uncommon to see many men wearing two light jackets in the spring season. This will be a very uncommon thing to do in let’s say North America as men tend to just wear one jacket

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Another popular type of layering that men tend to practice in their spring outfits will be a collared shirt underneath some sort of sweater. Typically this sweater will be a dark colour cardigan and be featured in casual wear.


The importance of wearing a blazer in an Italian man’s spring outfit cannot be understated as this is basically the piece that the entire outfit is created around. Yes, it is that serious! Because the sun will be out longer than in the previous winter months, many men tend to begin experimenting with cool colours. For example, it is not uncommon to see a man wearing a sky blue linen blazer in the spring months in Italy. 

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Unlike in other parts of the world such as Canada or the U.K where blazer material is usually wool, men in Italy like to wear their blazer in cotton, linen, or twill. A very common white linen blazer can be seen on many men in the spring months.


One aspect that you will not see in an Italian men’s pants will be a loose fit. This would be a shocker and instead slim pants are going to be the most popular type. While wearing denim jeans is popular around the world, in Italy, men tend to take a different approach with pants. You will rarely see men wearing denim jeans in the spring or summer months and instead see wool or linen pants instead.

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The pants length is very important and men tend to take their pants to a tailor to get the  perfect pants length, which sits just above the ankles to reveal their socks when they walk. If you want this same look, be sure to go to a reputable tailor who will know exactly where to stitch.


Wearing a shirt with a collar should be your first pick when deciding to dress like an Italian man in the spring months. One reason why men in Italy like to wear a collared shirt so much is that there really is no such thing as business casual. Meaning that business tends to be conducted in informal settings such as cafes or at a restaurant. This is part of the whole business culture in Italy, where food or a good coffee should be enjoyed when discussing important matters.

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Because of this, many men do not want to show up in an expensive three piece suit to a restaurant and instead will wear a stylish blazer paired with a collared shirt. Usually the pants will be a completely different colour than the blazer. Opt to wear a white or other light colour collared shirt in the spring.


There will almost be no sighting or any type of running shoes on men in Italy during the spring months, actually year round. Why you say? Mainly because footwear in Italy is so important and leather shoes are still the standard amongst men and women. For the spring season, wear light brown leather shoes such as loafer and derby shoes for a stylish compliment to your spring outfit.

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