The Baseball Cap: From Snapback To Fitted Not For Everyday Wear. A Man’s Guide For Spring

In American culture the baseball cap is a timeless sports accessory, originally used to protect the sun from a baseball player’s face. From the soft shell hats with a short brim in the 1860s to the now ever popular snapbacks, these hats are unique on their own.

Let us take a look at some styles one can wear with these baseball caps. Also, we will see how over the last decades the baseball cap has stayed as an integral fashion accessory in U.S.A. I think this one will be here for a while, the is just so many styles that go with a baseball cap. Let’s go.

Nike Adjustable Cap

Jeans & T-Shirt

this is a no-brainer. The summer days are really sunny and one can’t help to sometimes forget their sunglasses walking through packed streets. The brim on the cap is ideal from sun protection for your eyes and to an extent your face as well.

Denim Jeans H&M

Running Shoes & Track Pants

The look alone says a lot. You are a sports star. You exercise. You are in great shape. I know. I know. But to really top off that “in shape look,” wear a fitted baseball cap. This is really the only time a fitted cap should be worn. Other than that, you should keep this deep in the closet until next time. Hahaha.

Nike Air Force 1

Hoodie & Chinos

The classic fall look. There is really nothing else you would have to do to complete the look. If you paired the colours right, the texture of the chino pants should stand out. Giving a contrasting look of style and chill.

Skinny Fit Chinos H&M

But if you want to look cooler than ever, a snapback cap is the way to go. We can’t say enough how this simple cap can take that plain hoodie to the next level. People might even ask how expensive the hoodie is, based on the appeal of the snapback.

Do Not Wear With

The snapback baseball cap is the most recommended cap one should wear if the choose to wear one. But don’t go crazy with you fashion paired with a baseball cap, remember to check if you are wearing any of the items on the Do Not list. If so..It’s going to be a no cap day.

Skinny Fit Blazer H&M

Remember, do not wear a baseball cap with dress pants, a tracksuit, or with a blazer.

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