The Basics: Must Have Women’s Summer Fashion Items

Most women begin to methodically search through their wardrobe as the summer approaches, hoping to not find that one particular item…Only so that they can to go out and shop! Usually what happens is that the shopping trip ends up with more items purchased than what was expected. Why? Mainly because of the constant advertisements to buy ‘must have’ items for the summer. Also, there is this characteristic in humans that tend to always want what is new and trending, as to not get left behind.

A must have item is entirely dependent on the consumer’s personal choice, style, and if indeed said item is really all that necessary to pull off their desired look. In this article, we won’t be trying to define ‘must have items’ but instead will be focusing on the basic summer items that can be worn throughout the summer. Ok, let’s take a look.

Linen Blend Dress H&M

Denim Shorts

Having a pair of denim shorts in the summer season is a no brainer for the stylish summer woman. Denim shorts are great to ear on those days that you just want to look very stylish without trying. An easy summer outfit to wear with denim shorts can consist of a plain white tucked in t-shirt and strappy sandals.

Mom Shorts High Waist H&M

White T-Shirt

Every woman can agree that a plain white t-shirt can be very versatile with a variety of outfits. Also, this is a basic item so the price point will be low, which is a benefit for anyones price point. Wear a plain white t-shirt with denim shorts, jeans, or leggings.

Round Neck T-Shirt H&M

Flat Leather Sandals

Flat leather sandals can go with just about any summer outfit imaginable. Want to pair your sandals with jeans, no problem. With shorts, sure. With leggings, which is not recommended, ok, but on limited occasions…meaning only once to the nearest store lol. As you can tell, leather sandals are great for the summer and can go with jus about anything.

Lather Slides H&M

One Piece Swimsuit

Another basic summer item that has actually gained in popularity due to the many instagram influencers wearing it is the one piece swimsuit. This swimsuit is a classic, yet is a very stylish look for the beach and the swimming pool. Colour selection is entirely up to the consumer, as most colours look great. If you want all the attention, opt to wear your one piece swimsuit in colours such as red or white.

Shaping Swimsuit H&M

Running Shoes

Keep your summer streetwear looking stylish with a solid colour running shoes. An all white running shoes is preferably the best option because of its versatility with a variety of outfits. But there is a case to be made for wearing a pair of all black running shoes too, especially with denim jeans.

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